AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam 2020

I have posted my first online course on Udemy:

Two full-length practice exams (two sets with 65 questions each) with
the answer key, including complete explanations and links to the official
AWS references plus a list of free
non-AWS online resources: blog posts, books, videos, podcasts

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses in four AWS MLS-C01 test knowledge areas
  • Boost your chances of passing real AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam
  • Become aware of terms, definitions and equations you have to memorize
  • Prepare for Data Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis, ML Models,
    and AWS ML Implementation and Ops Exam Domains
  • Supplement and speed up your AWS Certification Exam preparation
  • Make sure you are not wasting your AWS exam fee ($300)
  • Prepare for a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer job interview

Please note that provided two practice tests are mock exams, not brain dumps. They are designed to replicate the style, topics, and complexity (or simplicity ;8-) of the real-world AWS certification exams.
The number of questions for each Domain Topic is chosen to
match current AWS exam guidelines (2020 AWS MLS-C01). The sentence length and structure of questions are adjusted to match examples from the AWS Sample Exam Questions document.

The multiple-choice questions are written with plausible distractors, using memory + application method that tests students’ knowledge of principles and facts in real-life situations.

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