AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams 2020

I have added my new AWS training online course on Udemy platform:

Included in this course:

  • Three Practice Tests (65 questions each with an exact AWS CLF-C01 domains’ breakdown): Udemy multiple-choice/multi-response format.
  • Answer Key: why this, not that + clickable links to supporting materials (docs, blogs, wikis, and videos)
  • Free online resources: books, video, blogs, podcasts

Please note that provided three practice tests are mock exams, not brain dumps. They are designed to replicate the style, topics, and complexity (or simplicity ;8-) of the real-world AWS certification exams. The number of questions for each Domain Topic is chosen to match current AWS exam guidelines (2020 AWS CLF-C01). The sentence length and structure of questions are adjusted to match examples from the AWS Sample Exam Questions document.

The multiple-choice questions are written with plausible distractors, using memory + application method that tests students’ knowledge of principles and facts in real-life situations.

The question subjects (eg. a customer, AWS team, etc) and the question conditions (eg. “which feature of”, “a company wants to use”, ” which of the following” etc) also follow the AWS Sample Exam Format. A candidate preparing for the exam will expend about the same time and apply about the same mental effort understanding the question as he would in the real test center environment.

P.S. If you are planning to take the associate level and later professional level AWS exams I recommend you first take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. There are two advantages: (i) you get familiarized with the AWS Exams format and physical exam center (or online) environment, and (ii) you can get rolling 50% off discounts on all future exams! Also, if you are not a native English speaker, you can apply online for a 30-minute extension (“ESL +30 minutes”) to the exam time from your CertMetrics account.

P.S.S. A final comment about the validity of the answers: each practice exam question is followed by an answer, explanation of the answer, and explanation of why other multiple choices are wrong. The link(s) (between two and four) to the free online resources are provided (AWS documentation, other documentation, pdf articles, blogs, and videos). Some questions on a real AWS Certification Exam are not perfectly worded. (Sorry — that is not my fault.) Sometimes two multiple-choice options appear to be an almost equally acceptable answer. You should not get too worked up over that: if you use these practice exams as one of the building blocks of your studies, you should be able to demonstrate your broad AWS Cloud Services knowledge in a job interview and you should be able to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam (70% passing score required).

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